Dave's Auto & Truck Services has been providing fleet service for over 20 years to many corporations and government agencies in the Philadelphia, PA 19115 and Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 areas. We are familiar with the repair process as well as the urgency to return a vehicle to service. Taking the time to properly address and repair the vehicle problems is one of the only benefits from having a routine fleet account. We go beyond that by notifying the appropriate employees of upcoming services and state inspections before they are due, begin a service history of the vehicle to enable us to monitor any potential problems and provide a pick up and delivery of the vehicle if needed. This proves to be an efficient way to prevent breakdowns and expensive fines, saving your company time and money.

Given our unique service offering we can accommodate all types of fleet service. Whether your company consist of a fleet of delivery cars, heavy trucks, or off road equipment we are able to create a service relationship with all of them. These are just some of the fleet management companies we have as associates:

Our basic maintenance services include:

Customer Required Inspections
In addition to DOT inspections, Dave's Auto & Truck Services handles customer-required inspections. For all your customer-required inspection needs, contact or visit Dave's Auto & Truck Services in Philadelphia, PA 19115.

DOT Inspections
State Department of Transportation's (DOT) require inspections for safety assessments. The Department of Transportation relies on appointed and licensed auto repair shops to conduct vehicle-only inspections. Dave's Auto & Truck Services is certified to conduct these inspections. For your DOT inspection needs, contact us at 215-677-4783 or visit Dave's Auto & Truck Services today.

Oil, Lube, and Filter
Engine oil, or motor oil, is the oil used for lubricating the various parts of your truck's internal combustion engine. The oil reduces wear, lessens friction, cools the engine parts, and inhibits corrosion. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to prolong the life of your truck's engine is to have its oil and oil filters changed regularly. Oil changes keep engines healthy. With regular oil changes, your engine will run stronger for longer. Contact Dave's Auto & Truck Services in Philadelphia, PA 19115 today for all your oil change needs. Our experts will change your truck's oil and oil filters if needed.